I do web sites!

I have been designing sites for over 10 years. In that time I have learned what makes a great site, and how to promote it so it's ranked well. I have also amassed a number of tools, frameworks, and templates that let me create beautiful, effective sites in a very efficient manner.

I can host your site as well, providing email accounts on your domain, and set up double ‘opt-in’ email lists your customers can subscribe to for newsletters or special offer mailings; all while adhering to the letter of the law of the ‘CAN-SPAM’ act.

The bottom line is that if you can write a good page or two of copy about your entity, and take a handful of photos using a good smart phone, you’ll be surprised how inexpensive your new site can be. Use the form to send us a message and find out.

Golf Course

Well flowing, mobile friendly site that generates huge repeat traffic, with thousands of members subscribed to email announcements of specials and events.


Clean and informative. Mobile friendly, offering product and and customer support information.


Short and sweet. Everything you need to know about this talented stylist at a glance. Mobile friendly.