Defective Lids

The photo above shows two 20 ounce lids received from Vitamix. On the left is the original received a couple of weeks ago, and the replacement received yesterday on the right. Notice the exact same depression in the flange where the gasket sits, right at the area of the hinge. This causes the vessel to leak, and the hinge lock not to engage. I have received three lids to date, all identical. In fact, Vitamix has no inventory of lids without this issue.

This vessel has a 3 year warranty by itself, and a five year warranty as part of the S series blenders. If yours leak, wait until Vitamix gets this straightened out and then you should be able to request a replacement. I’ll update this article as soon as can confirm proper lids are available.

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Depression in Flange

The uneven sealing surface is caused by a depression in the flange that the gasket sits in, located above the lid hinge. Both the original lid and the replacement have identical depressions.

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Hinge Deformation

Notice that the deformation of the lid at the hinge area causes the mechanism that locks the lid open not to engage. It doesn’t even come close.

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This video demonstrates the leaking through the gasket at the hinge area and the hinge lock not engaging.