what's wrong with the Lumix G9?

switching between AFS & AFC in video

It is pretty silly that you have to dive into the menus to switch this setting when there is a dedicated control for this when shooting stills… here is a workaround.

bracketing with flash

Focus bracketing using flash is even more broken in the G9 then in the G85. But I have worked around it. Here's how.

custom setting modes and sleep

There is no real work around for this screwy behavior, Panasonic needs to fix this. But I offer up an alternative way that may be better.

when is 9 FPS not 9 FPS?

A discussion about why you may not get anywhere near the frames per second burst rate specified for the G9.

some minor nits

As good as the Lumix G9 is… it could be better. And this is so possible with a firmware upgrade. Will we see it? Is there anything else missing. I'll discuss this in the final video of this series.